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ECOERA Capital is a private Investment House that operates since 2011. We act as the in-house investment arm of ECOERA Group while simultaneously we receive and evaluate proposals for disruptive technology Startups and Infrastructures.

We focus in the industries of Cleantech, Hospitality and Healthcare technologies. Our Founders have been pioneering in these fields since 2004 and today, through the Group’s vertical integration, we have established a combination of financial and consultancy know-how together with a substantial technical background. This distinctive advantage secures us a genuine view of our sectors.


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ECOERA Capital follows a dual-track investment strategy that combines Infrastructure Investments and Seed Capital Funding. Through this approach, we manage to diversify and take advantage of the whole spectrum of opportunities that allow us to create value investments. We believe in advanced technologies that can produce valuable resources with minimal adverse impact on the environment, while generating a perpetual flow of marketable income.
Further to that, our scope goes beyond finance. We choose investments where we can utilize our cumulative professional experience and the extensive market network of our team in order to create a further positive impact. We provide proactive advice when needed, financial and technical know-how and access to people or resources.
ECOERA Capital specializes in investments that come from the “prepared minds”. Besides their economic capitalization, we always assess their environmental value and their eventual footrprint at the local human and animal communities. We are motivated by the Global need for emissions’ reduction and are keen believers that a greener economy creates better conditions throughout.
The corporate philosophy of ECOERA Capital concentrates around three main principles – the three Es:
  • Ecology – Propel sustainable growth towards a cleaner future on the planet
  • Economy –Support high-yield financial vehicles
  • Ethics – Promote initiatives for the common well-being

Investment focus


We aim to facilitate investors with financial products that cover the whole life-cycle of a Green Energy Infrastructure Project. By this principle, the investor can ensure maximum economies of scale and a one-stop-shop relationship.

Seed Capital

We provide Seed Capital in initial or follow-up rounds for individual investments in the fields of our operation. We are also open to participate in joint rounds in group investments.


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  • Cleantech
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
4 MW - PV Solar installationACROBAT YachtingMedical CannabisBiomassKosher LoungeCosmos - Routes of KosherBiomass GasifierMecasolar Technologies SL25 MWp of Photovoltaic plants in Greece158MW development of PV projects in Eastern Macedonia, Greece

ECOERA Capital Ltd.

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